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IAFF 12th District
Caucus and PEP Training
July 6-7-8
Coral Gables, FL

  • Join us for a discussion with General President Kelly and General Secretary Lima on the current events in the IAFF.


  • Updates from our 12th District State Presidents.


  • Special Presentation from IAFF Legal Counsel Peter Leff on 

  • Best Practices for Virtual meetings and Electronic Voting. 

  • Hear from experienced Union Leaders how they responded to and have been dealing with traumatic events in our Roundtable discussion on "Responding to Traumatic Incidents...Before, During and After" 


Registration is open to all members of the 12th District and the 14th District. The registration fee for the PEP training event is $135 and early registration is strongly encouraged.


Register for the 12th District PEP Training Event

For more information, contact the IAFF Department of Education at or (202) 824-1533.


The following workshop tracks are offered over two days (July 6-7).

Communications Track

  • Crisis Communications

  • Media Strategies and Messaging

  • Building Better Business Relationships

  • Organizing and Implementing a Community Outreach Program

IAFF Union Leadership Series Track

  • Generational Differences

  • IAFF Union Leadership: Self Awareness

  • IAFF Union Leadership: Leading Organizational Change

  • IAFF Union Leadership: Union Culture, Communications and Coalition Building

Legal Issues Track

  • Overview of Employment Law

  • Overview of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Understanding Pregnancy and Parental Rights and Accommodations

  • Social Media Legal Issues and Best Practices

Negotiations Track

  • Negotiating Healthcare Benefits

  • Fundamentals of Costing Contract Proposals

  • Negotiating Strategies for Tough Economic Times

  • Managing Consultant Reports

All PEP workshops are designed to be interactive and engage students. Workshops are delivered by IAFF PEP instructors who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on union skills.


View the Workshop Descriptions to help you choose your workshop track.

When you register for the 12th and 14th combined District PEP event, choose one of the workshop tracks listed, each with a total of eight hours of instruction offered over two days. Go to Register


Tel: 305-469-3416 



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